Our Focus


Welcome to the research group of Dr. Kalyana C. Veluvolu. Our research group focuses primarily on  the following domains:  ii) Neural decoding for Brain computer interface applications  ii) Bio- signal processing applications related to healthcare.  iii) Nonlinear control applications to industrial drives/robotics.


The primary focus is  on developing technology for biomedical and healthcare related fields, with key research interests spanning  filtering of physiological tremor, brain wave analysis etc.  Current projects include analysis of physiological tremor for surgical robotics applications. Our  research interests also lies on developing diagnostic tools for monitoring brain dysfunctions, ADHD etc.


Secondly, our research group also focuses on developing sliding mode methods for state and unknown input estimations, fault detection and isolation and nonlinear sliding mode controllers design for uncertain systems with applications  to industrial drives and robotics.




The research group will work with researchers and healthcare professionals, both locally and globally. The collaborations lies with local/overseas institutions, which include the Robotics Research Center, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and  LAMIH, University of Valenciennes, France.


Please feel free to send us a note for questions, comments, and collaboration opportunities.


Research Positions @ NCBS   


Scholarships are available for  Doctoral (Ph.D) and Masters degree programs for highly motivated students. Our research focus lies in the following domains:


  •   Bio-signal processing and  Biomedical Systems
  •   Brain Signal Analysis, Brain Computer Interface
  •   Nonlinear Control and Estimations


For more information visit Prospective Students section.